Month: September 2022

  • What is Six Siege

    What is Six Siege

    Six Siege is a brand new type of MMORPG that breaks the limits of free-to-play games. It’s the first online multiplayer game where players can customise their character in real time, during the battle! A player doesn’t need to select a set of pre-made skills – he can instead precisely adjust his abilities in terms…

  • What is Pokemon Rom

    What is Pokemon Rom

    Pokemon Rom is a downloadable game, or “rom” for short. This is a form of the famous Pokemon games, but instead of buying it from a store it can be downloaded from online to an emulator. Emulators are programs that make the computer act like another type of system. In this case, an emulator makes…

  • Minecraft for beginners

    Minecraft for beginners

    If you’re looking for a way to make playing Minecraft more enjoyable, installing a Minecraft Forge server is your answer. This one-time investment will allow you to play multiplayer games and enjoy all the latest mods and maps created by fellow gamers. Let’s explore how this can change your gaming experience! Content Description:  The game…